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Millions of people all around the globe suffer from insomnia. This sleeping disorder is extremely harmful for human`s health. Chronic lack of sleep causes the decrease of the immune system, which in its turn becomes the reason of appearance of different serious illnesses and failures in our organisms. People who don`t sleep enough become totally worthless and with low productivity. At the initial stages this disorder can be treated with some soft sleeping pills based on the natural ingredients and that can not cause any serious unwanted effects. Yet, in some cases such cures cannot help and doctors prescribe to their patients some more serious medicines, more often they ask to buy Ambien, as one with the best feedbacks.

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How it Proceeds

Insomnia occurs in the cases when after a number of certain stresses, harmful habits, passive way of life, in our brains appears the imbalance of special neurotransmitters responsible for the process of sleeping. Scientists have developed a special type of hypnotic pills that are able to normalize this balance and cure insomnia.

The tablets of Ambien have a double structure. The first layer is of a fast reacting; it helps to fall asleep almost at the very moment after taking a pill. The second layer is of a prolonged proceeding. It helps to stay in a deep sleeping for about 8 hours and do not wake up.

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What One Should Know Before Taking

At the average drug stores the medicine cannot be bought without a prescription. Ambien may cause some severe and harmful side effects; that`s why only a professional may decide if it can be allowed in the exact case. Only online stores may help to get it without a prescription.

Due to the CSA Schedule the medicine belongs to the 4th class which means that there is a risk of getting abused. It means that the patient will not be allowed to fall asleep without the cure at all. If you take pills strictly due to the prescription and avoid overdosing such risk is minimized.

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It is not known exactly how the medicine influences a fetus during the pregnancy and a newborn child during the breast feeding, yet it is known for sure that there are some risks. That`s why the doctor should be always informed and take the course and patient`s health state under control.

The pills are to be taken directly before you go to bed, and also try to be sure that you will have at least seven hours if you want to wake up easily and feeling fresh and good.

Allergic Reaction and Its Aftermaths

There are two main reasons of getting an allergic reaction, the first one is the intolerance to some of the elements and the second is exaggerated dosages. Allergic often has the following symptoms: it becomes difficult to breath, hives, you may start feeling your face and tongue swelled. Such symptoms signalize that you do not have much time for self-treatment and have to call for an emergency immediately.

Side effects of Ambien can be divided into two groups: more common and less serious; rare ones and more severe.

The second group includes: breathing disorders, irregular heartbeat, pain in the chest, and feeling of passing out.

Common side effects include: light-headedness and weakness, muscle pain, headache, clogged nose, and dry mouth.


Buy Ambien, but remember taking this drug may cause the decrease of coordination and loss of reaction. It is not recommended to start driving or control any other vehicle the first few hours after waking up if you have slept with this medicine.

You have to be sure that your medical history does not include:

  • • kidney and liver diseases;
  • • sleeping apnea (stoppings of breathing at night);
  • • long history of depressive mood and deep depression;
  • • alcohol or drug addiction.

The drug cannot be taken at the same day when you have drunk some alcohol. It increases the impact on the liver and may cause a serious intoxication.

The drug cannot be taken by children and has some different effect on women and old patients.

Where should it be Kept?

Despite of other medicines, it is not recommended to freeze Ambien, forget about a refrigerator. It has to be a dark and dry place hidden from children and moisture.

You have to be sure that the medicine will not be taken by someone else except you.

How Produced

Ambien is produced in a form of pills that consist 5 and 10mg of Zolpidem. They are of white and orange colors with a form of capsule. There are imprints `AMB 5` or `AMB 10`. The number on the imprint means the amount of active element.

Where to Buy Ambien

Nowadays internet trading becomes more and more popular. It takes only a few minutes and mouse clicks to go through the registration and buy everything that you need. You should always read the feedbacks about the online shop and find out details about delivery before making your choice.

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